Using PayPal to Shop at a Store

Hey spring is here (astronomically if not atmospherically) and that means Q2 of the Chase Freedom 5% bonus categories (which include PayPal) is upon us.  Which stores can I shop at with PayPal or with the PayPal app?

It seems one can us the PayPal app to pay in-store at certain stores, but one has to download the app to find out where the app is accepted.  I went ahead and did it for you and here are all the available stores in the Boston area: Macys.  Dollar General.  Autozone (so many Autozones!).  Buy Buy Baby.  Bloomingdales Outlet if you want to go to Wrentham.

Not too useful for me.  Once the Carocosmos store is up I will definitely accept PayPal though!

Am I missing something?  Help me out by dropping a comment.