Granola Review


Hey I got this Boxford Bakehouse Organic Great Heart Granola in Maple Crunch.  My review of it is that it’s good.  It doesn’t taste too sweet like most store-bought boxed or bulk granolas, and there’s nothing weird in it.


It has great texture and variation between small and large clumps, which I value in a granola.  It is not cheap but I think you get what you pay for in the granola department, and a little goes a long way.




Yeah pour it in.

I was able to add some to my Boston Organics delivery (more on that later, but if you are interested you can get 10% off with my referral code: 6348bo0fhc).  Also you could find some here: Boxford Bakehouse.

In sum:


Please comment if you have any granola opinions.